Osaka Car Sales commenced its operations almost 25 years ago. Since then Osaka Car Sales have become a premier & reliable supplier of a wide range of quality brand new and re-conditioned vehicles. This was possible due to the significant turnover & the customer satisfaction along with the quality of the vehicles supplied since the inception. We always strived to provide value for money to our most valued customers.

Since the founding of Osaka, every member of the firm have been striving to provide an excellent service to all stakeholders in order to make us the most sort after “Trusted Partner”.

No matter how difficult the challenge or how long the process, we do our best to make our valuable customer achieve their goals, own that dream car. It’s our policy to work closely with each client with a sense of commitment on a long term basis to ensure that the best practices are integrated into its operations.

We get our vehicles from one of the best and award winning exporter in Japan, A A Japan Japan (Pvt) Ltd, which is one of the pioneer vehicle supplier to almost 30 countries around the globe, due to this, we could obtain best quality vehicles at very competitive price ranges. Logistic too is handled by them and provides a very efficient service. And also these vehicles go through a comprehensive quality check before it reaches the customers. We only get vehicles that undergo strict inspection to ensure that they meet the highest standard of quality. Japanese used cars go through strict quality checks prior to exporting from Japan. A unique grading system ensures the standard of the vehicle which helps the customer to determine the condition of the vehicle. Apart from that, all the vehicles we receive are closely checked by our expert automobile engineers to confirm the quality & the standard before it’s released for sales.

We will continue to serve our valuable customers as a true leader with the aim of assisting customers to meet their requirements. We always believe in a TRUSTED PARTNERSHIP.


With the highest of ethical standards & pure dedication to excellence all operational aspects, we aspire to exceed our customer expectations. We recognize one of the most challenging issues to date, that is trust & are uncompromising in our dedication to this integral element in all our business activities. We believe in a Trusted partnership, always. Looking to the future, we will continue to develop our already advanced enterprise & keep driving them onwards. We aim to consolidate a clear brand identity, product value & superior customer service. Despite an increasingly competitive business environment, we vow to create the added value that will deliver true satisfaction to our valued customers.


To be the “first choice” by exceeding the expectations of our valued customers.


To have a sound reputation for high ethical standards, professionalism & customer focused attitude.
To establish a professional set up with a very high & continuously improving service that sustains and enhances the core values of all stakeholders.