1. Quality Assurance

These vehicles go through a comprehensive quality check before it reaches the customers. We only get quality vehicles that undergo strict inspection to ensure that they meet the highest standard of quality. Japanese used cars go through stringent quality checks prior to exporting it to any other country. A unique grading system ensures the standard of the vehicles which helps the customers to determine the standard of the vehicle.

Apart from this, all the vehicles we receive are closely checked by our expert automobile engineers to confirm the quality & standard before it’s released for sales.

2. Warranty Cover

All Hybrid vehicles, non-Hybrid Cars & also Electric vehicles are provided with a genuine Japanese warranty. Under the “AQ Japan Max” warranty policy, the engine, Hybrid battery & the transmission system of your hybrid vehicle/ the engine & the Gear box of your non – hybrid car & the Battery & the power train motor of the electric vehicle is offered a warranty cover. This includes service & maintenance at our state of the art ‘Drive Clean” service centers by expert Automobile engineers.

  • 1st 2 services for Electric cars are provided free
  • Roadside assistance in an emergency
  • Fast & reliable service
  • Priority service

3. Customer Care

We believe in total customer care, hence our dedicated staff always strives hard to maintain a sophisticated customer service. With this we strive to build a loyal set of customers who in turn will become our brand ambassadors. Retention of good customers boost our revenue & profitability.

Our aim is to turn a satisfied customer in to an enthusiast.

4. Brands & products

We are capable of supplying all kind of vehicles, any brand, any make. We specialize in Japanese used & brand new vehicles. We could supply any vehicle on customer request.

  • We have a wide range of vehicles with a spread of selections, models & colors to choose from.
  • Our experienced sales staff will assist you at any time & help you to select the best vehicles within your budget.